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Bamboo Round Can

Round filling bamboo boxFirst, we specialize in selection of authentic bamboo round can, this paragraph has sold a lot all over the world


Round filling bamboo box

First, we specialize in selection of authentic bamboo round can, this paragraph has sold a mass of single, has been get unanimously favored the new and old customers, following a bureau of quality supervision, inspection and quarantine inspection reports show! Is real in the Bamboo block!!
Second,compared with other common bamboo round can, our products became stronger, more stable, easy to use, durable, easy maintenance, very convenient, labor saving, this is truly green finished bamboo round can.
Third, we pay attention to the quality and details and pay more attention to health.Our can is made of fine smooth bamboo,with 10cm diameter, and 16cm height, which is strong, safe and healthy, comfortable, does not decay.
Fourth, our can has a frugal styling,which is in the shape of cylinder,without a steel hoop on the top to reinforce it.

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name:bamboo tea box 

tea box Size: High 16cm, diameter 6.5cm
Material: Bamboo Craft: handmade, dermabrasion polished natural no paint treatment.
Features: raw materials from China Anji, high temperature steam sterilization, moth, ultraviolet baking process, with high strength, good toughness, no cracks, no rot and other advantages

Natural Bamboo products are pure and fresh , elegant ,green health ,no pollution 

Handmade and smooth edge with polishing ,beautiful appearance ,fashional style 

The lid is tight and is good for storage

Bamboo natural color, special texture, as the Song Dynasty poet Su Dongpo "would rather eat no meat, not live without bamboo." Natural materials are a symbol of elegance and precious. Distribute natural aroma, texture and beautiful bamboo, but also exudes the fragrance of fresh gas, is conducive to health

Using Natural vegetable oil, no paint ingredients,high quality

Equipped with a productive factory, Ancona Trading is well-known as one of the professional manufacturers and suppliers of bamboo round can in China, Welcome to wholesale customized bamboo round can with us.

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