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Bamboo Chopsticks

Chopsticks Bamboo Twist Non Toxic 5 prBe the first to review this product What a twist! Unique sustainable bamboo chopsticks that will stand up to the stickiest of rices and the slipperiest noodles.


Chopsticks Bamboo Twist Non Toxic 5 pr

Be the first to review this product 

What a twist! Unique sustainable bamboo chopsticks that will stand up to the stickiest of rices and the slipperiest noodles. Reuse and Reduce. Did you know that several hundreds thousand acres of forest are leveled annually to supply more than 45 billion pairs of disposable chopsticks? Support BYOS (bring your own sticks) next time you are feeling like a little tofu curry.
These Modern Twist Chopsticks come in a package of 5 pairs, enough for a fun sushi making party with all your friends!

Chopsticks bamboo non-toxic 5 pair- We recommend hand washing these chopsticks with a mild detergent in warm water and periodically wiping with mineral oil to bring out the beautiful grain of the bamboo. Cleaning in a dishwasher is not recommended.

Custom design: 9 3/4" long , Vers.: Set of 5 pairs 

Why bamboo? 

Bamboo is actually a grass that typically takes 3-5 years to grow to a height between 3-5 years. Some species even grow up to 2 feet per day. After harvesting, bamboo does not require replanting. Bamboo has an extensive root system that continually sends up new shoots, naturally replenishing itself, making it one of the most renewable resources known


- Bamboo material, harmless, environmental and antibacterial
- Pattern design at the tail of chopsticks, looks fashionable and warm
- Anti-skid design at the tip of chopsticks, easy to pick up food
- Exquisite gift box, a good choice for gift-giving
- Avoid being kept in microwave oven or disinfection cabinets 

Feature: Eco-friendly

Quantity: Five pairs 

Package weight: 0.177 kg

Package Size(L x W x H): 24.20 x 10.20 x 1.70 cm / 9.53 x 4.02 x 0.67 inches 

Package Contents: 5 x Pair of Chopsticks

Two, stick like, about 20 cm long, one end of the large, small and thin end, Disposable chopsticks points for disposable chopsticks and disposable chopsticks, because the light in transportation, low cost, safety and sanitation day by day in the catering industry as the preferred eating utensils. The annual production of bamboo chopsticks China about 7 billion 500 million pairs, 3 billion pairs of exports, the main market is Taiwan and japan.
Disposable chopsticks due to the bamboo itself with high water content, easy deterioration, etc., in the processing and disposable chopsticks has a essential difference. In order to ensure the bamboo chopsticks are fresh and beautiful appearance, in the process often use some food additives, such as food grade sulfur and food grade sodium metabisulfite, etc.. Excessive use of these additives can cause microorganism index of bamboo chopsticks and residual index is too high, the harm to the health of consumers. Therefore, health bamboo chopsticks has been the focus of attention of consumer and importer of comparison.
Chinese food native and livestock products import and Export Chamber of Commerce sanitary chopsticks branch from further strengthen the quality consciousness of bamboo industry, the bamboo chopsticks production enterprises and export enterprises provide more for health standards, and promote the development of foreign trade, the protection of the rights and interests of consumers and health of view, calling for and formally applied to develop national standards for mandatory bamboo chopsticks. In July 2003, the national standards management committee approved sanitary chopsticks branch and national quality supervision, inspection and quarantine move plant quarantine supervision department jointly responsible for the formulation of national standards for the disposable chopsticks chopsticks.
Considering of one-time Zhukuai of professional, technical strong, undertake the drafting of the Hunan entry exit inspection and Quarantine Bureau and sanitary chopsticks branch in the process of compiling and listen to the views of one-time Zhukuai relating to production export enterprises, forestry system, health system and the quality supervision system of personnel and other experts, bamboo chopsticks samples were collected over more than 40 enterprises in the country; at the same time also according to the Japan related requirements of disposable chopsticks were investigation and study, to solicit the views of the basis of, in April 2005 8 completed the bamboo chopsticks "national standard (Draft for approval). In the same month 28 standard validation will be held, judges of expert attending the meeting fully affirmed the the standard of practicality, scientific and effectiveness of, smoothly through the examination and approval

Equipped with a productive factory, Ancona Trading is well-known as one of the professional manufacturers and suppliers of bamboo chopsticks in China, Welcome to wholesale customized bamboo chopsticks with us.

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